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New this year is the Superticket. For $50 you get the following...

$20 in raffle tickets

Entrance into the putting contest ($250 prize) $10 value

Entrance into the par 3 contest. Get it on, get a ticket. One person gets $250.  $10 value

1 Mulligan $5 value

1 Gimme (ball has to be on the green to be used) Superticket exclusive

1 Grenade (throw your ball instead of using your club) Superticket exclusive


Also... one lucky person will get one shot from 175 yards at $100,000!


On the back of the Superticket is a map of a golf course with scratch offs on each hole. As you complete each hole, scratch 1 number. At the end of 18 holes, if you have the lowest score, you get one chance at $100,000!


You will be able to buy your Superticket at the day of the event or through the MAIC website.

Bistany Golf Super Ticket

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